Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Whenever people hand over bags of items to donate, it's customary to ask if they're a 'Gift Aider' so that we can get extra cash from the govenment if we sell the goods. This afternoon, when asking a lady if she was a British Tax Payer, she replied that she was too lazy to work! Unable to think of an appropriate response to her comment, I simply thanked her for her kind donation, whereupon she responded "My daughter's just kicked her husband out - it's all his cr*p!" We're used to people saying that they've had a clear-out of their cupboards or that sadly someone has passed away, and they're giving us their loved ones belongings, but I confess, that has to be a new one on me. Luckily, his stuff was not actually "cr*p" but rather high quality items, for which we're very grateful.

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