Sunday, June 12, 2011

Till Training...

Sooner or later, if you volunteer in a shop, you’ll probably be asked whether or not you’d like to work on the till. For me it was a vital part of my work-based learning as I’d never actually touched a cash register before in my life, however, it was a daunting prospect and a huge responsibility. As a member of the general public I’d obviously experienced many millions of transactions in my life, however, seeing things from the other side of the counter was an entirely new experience. I’d previously been spared the ‘till training’ until the new computerised one had been installed and road-tested by experts, but soon enough the day arrived where I’d be given my login details and shown how to type in codes and figures. I’d felt it only fair to warn my tutors that this would be an interesting time for all of us, including the bemused customers, but after several weeks of gentle coaxing I finally got the hang of it.

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