Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Trial...

I was to undertake a trial hour in order to be certain that I would fit in, and to ensure that I'd made the right choice about volunteering in a charity shop, so the following week I turned up promptly and was put to work tidying up clothing racks; which had been left looking like a jumble sale after a large crowd of shoppers had randomly discarded unwanted items without a thought to the poor volunteers who then have to put them all back where they belong. I was mostly left to my own devices, but common sense prevailed and I simply acted like an over-enthusiastic womble until my allotted time had passed. It really wasn’t rocket science ....a pink size 12 top doesn’t belong on a rail with men’s trousers any more than a tiny child’s dress belong on a women’s jeans rail. Thankfully, once my hour was up it was all smiles as I was informed by the manager that I'd passed my test with flying colours and was duly invited to join the gang.

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